How To Properly Match Your Foundation Shade To Your Skin Tone

There is nothing worse than putting on makeup that doesn't match your skin tone. It makes you look unnatural and can make you feel self-conscious about how you look. While there are many options for foundation shades out there, finding the right one can be a challenge if you don't know what to look out for. To help make sure you get it right, we've put together some helpful tips on how to find your perfect match!



Do Not Rely On The Labels

If you rely on the labels, you could end up with a foundation that's too light or too dark. The best way to find out if a shade is right for you is by trying it out first. If you can't get your hands on samples of foundations from different brands and colors, then try one that's close to your skin tone. For example: if your skin tone is fair, but leans more toward yellow than pink (like mine), then I recommend using an apricot-colored foundation rather than something more orange-based like "tan."

As long as they're not labeled "dark" or anything like that - because those aren't really helpful terms - you should be able to find something that matches well enough in any drugstore line of cosmetics!


Keep In Mind That Everyone's Skin Is Different

The best way to match your foundation shade is by using a color chart, like the one below. But keep in mind that everyone's skin is different and it can change over time- for example, if you're pregnant or have been on vacation where you got a lot of sun exposure.

Your best bet for finding your perfect match is going into a store with an employee who knows about makeup and has experience matching people with foundation shades (don't forget to bring all of your other makeup items with you). If this isn't possible, then go online or ask someone at the drugstore where they recommend buying their products; they'll probably know what brands have great pigment quality as well as good coverage options for different skin types.


Use A Sample

If you're not sure if the foundation shade is right for your skin, try a sample. You can get samples from a makeup store or use a cotton swab to test the color on your hand.

If the color matches, then it's time to buy!

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Check The Color Of Your Cheeks

If you're having trouble finding a foundation shade that matches your skin tone, try checking the color of your cheeks. When you blush or flush with emotion, it's easy to see how much pinker or redder your face gets. This is because blood has rushed to the surface of the skin, making it appear warmer and brighter than normal.

If you want to take a closer look at how well-matched a foundation is for your skin tone, check how it looks after exercise - especially if you have really dark undertones or olive-toned skin! After working out at the gym or going on long runs outside in hot temperatures (like me), my face always turns slightly pinkish-red in places where I'm sweating heavily - usually around my forehead area. Because these areas are naturally darker than other parts of my body due to their proximity with my veins/arteries (which carry more blood), any imperfections become more noticeable when they're highlighted by increased blood flow during physical activity - including pimples from acne!

Matching your skin tone is really important to make sure you look good and feel confident in your makeup.  There are many different types of foundation, so it's important to choose the right one for you.

Use a sample to test the color before buying a new bottle!

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We hope this article has helped you better understand how to match your foundation shade with your skin tone. It may seem like a daunting task, but if you follow the steps outlined above, we promise it will be much easier! If all else fails and you still can't find the right color for yourself, don't hesitate to ask someone who knows what they're doing for some advice - they'll be able to help out much better than any online resource could ever do alone.

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