How To Select Eyeshadow That Complements Your Eye Color


Express your unique beauty with eyeshadows.

Transformative with endless possibilities, eyeshadow dresses up the windows to your soul and communicates your inner passions and individual personality. Choosing eyeshadow that complements your eye color can brighten up your eyes and make them pop. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to makeup but these tips are great starting points you can use to match eyeshadow to your eye color.

Brown Eyes

Gorgeous brown eyes can pull off almost any eyeshadow color. This neutral eye color matches well with beautiful purple, blue, green and bronze hues that can be worn with a light hand for a subtle flush of color or built up to create glamorous evening looks. Neutral eyeshadow shades can really accentuate brown eyes, when in doubt, go for taupe, bronze or gold eyeshadows and blend a darker brown or black eyeshadow on your crease line to create extra dimension.

We recommend our Organic Eyeshadow in Smokey Trio for brown-eyed beauties, this eyeshadow compact features a stunning curation of lavender, lilac and mauve hues that will elevate your eyes.

Blue Eyes

Adorn cool blue eyes with contrasting warm tones to make them pop. Wear orangey earth tones and lush browns to achieve alluring contrast. For a natural daytime look, use soft coral or champagne eyeshadow to dress up your eyes. If you desire drama, wear a bold smokey eye that will make light eyes pop.

Give our Organic Eyeshadow in Tangerine a go, this warm-toned coral eyeshadow can be applied with a light hand or built up to a vibrant shade.

Green Eyes

Naturally bright eyes, women with green eyes do not need strong eyeshadow colors to draw attention. Enhance green eyes with natural eyeshadow colors, such as neutral pinks, taupes and other earthy hues. Muted purple shades can create an enchanting contrast with green eyes as well.

We recommend our Organic Eyeshadow in Olive Trio, an earthy palette of beautiful brown, green and gold hues that is incredibly flattering for women with green eyes.

Gray Eyes

A woman of mystery, gray eyes will go well with eyeshadows that are suited for blue eyes as well, from warm coral tones to classic champagne hues. Amplify the steely hue of your eyes with misty gray or metallic blue eyeshadows to intensify the piercing gaze unique to this eye color.

Experiment with silver-tinged blue hues with our Organic Eyeshadow in Aqua Trio, a compact with three captivating blue hues.

Transform your eye makeup with shades that accentuate your natural eye color. Remember, this guide is just a starting point that you can use to find colors that best complement your eyes and there are no fixed rules when it comes to eyeshadow play.


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