Level Up Your Mascara Game With These 7 Genius Hacks


Want to flaunt envy-worthy bambi lashes?



Mascara application is as much about the technique as it is the tool. The right techniques can help you recreate trendy runway looks with less effort and level up your eye makeup game in an instant. We round up some tried-and-tested mascara hacks that can help you rock the look you desire while saving you time and the trouble of cleaning up makeup accidents. This is your ultimate mascara cheat sheet.

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Master “The Wiggle”

One does not appreciate the art of mascara without mastering “The Wiggle”. Makeup artist Ricky Wilson says, “Many women only coat the tips of their lashes which is what I like to call ‘instaclump.’ The tips of the lashes will just stick together. To avoid this, wiggle the brush at the base before extending to the ends.” This simple application tip that involves moving your mascara wand in a zigzag motion from your lash line through the tips is an easy way to ensure that your lashes are evenly coated and do not clump together. Plus, wiggling your mascara close to your lash line can give the illusion of an eyeliner.

Turn Up The Heat With Lash Curler

Transform your humble eyelash curler into a mini curling iron. Hold it under the nozzle of a blow dryer for a few seconds, test it against the back of your hand to ensure that it is not too hot, then use it to curl your lashes as close to the lash line as possible. The heat will help to seal the curl and ensure that it lasts longer.

Business Card: Smudge-Free Zones

Designate your eyelids smudge-free zones by placing a business card between your lashes and skin when you apply mascara. This prevents mini makeup accidents from spilling over to your lids and ruining your eye makeup. Now even with shaky hands you will be able to enjoy flawless lash looks.

Double Up As An Eyeliner

No eyeliner? No problem. Use a small eyeliner brush to pick up product from the narrow stick of your mascara wand, gently trace your upper lash line starting from the inner corner of your eye and moving outward for a sleek liner look.

Coat Tiny Bottom Lashes Like A Pro

Hold your wand vertically with the tip pointing upward. Lightly touch your bottom lashes with the tip of your mascara wand to coat the ultra-fine and short hairs on your bottom lash line. This technique can also be used to hit hard to reach areas such as the inner corners of your eyes where the chances of smudging is quite high.

If you are still having difficulties with finer lashes using this technique, trade your mascara wand with a highly precise lip or eye brush. Use your brush to pick up product from the stick of your mascara wand, rest the side of your hand and pinky on your cheek for support and delicately dab mascara onto your bottom lashes.

Smudge Eraser

While it may sound counterintuitive, letting your mascara smudges dry up actually makes wiping them away with a cotton swab so much easier. Rubbing fresh smudges with a tissue will just spread the formulation around. If you already have face makeup on, using a cotton swab dips in moisturizer will help to remove unwanted smudges and keep your face makeup intact.

Repurpose Old Mascara Wands

Extend the product life cycle of your old mascara wands and minimize environmental waste. After you have finished a tube of mascara, clean the wand thoroughly with makeup remover so you can reuse them as lash combs to separate lashes after applying your mascara.

You know what they say, it’s not just the tool, it’s how you use it. Maximize what you get out of each mascara with these genius hacks, give them a try using our Organic Eyelash Mascara and achieve luscious lashes of your dreams.


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