Lip Contouring: How To Nail This Beauty Trend Using A Lip Liner


Contouring is a makeup technique not just reserved for your cheeks.

Lip contouring is the latest beauty fad that has been embraced by beauty gurus and professional makeup artists alike. This makeup technique beautifully accentuates your lips to bring out your natural beauty. Achieve sumptuous lips in an instant by adding this technique to your toolbox with this step-by-step guide.

But First, What Is Lip Contouring?

For the uninitiated, lip contouring shares the same philosophy as cheek contouring. Using highlight and shading tactics, lip contouring works by catching the light on high points using a lighter lip shade while sculpting receding areas using darker colors. If you have naturally thin lips, a contoured lip look will help create plump and kissable lips. Even if you are pleased with your natural lip shape, lip contouring can add a gorgeous dimension to your pout.

1. Mark Your Cupid’s Bow

The cupid’s bow is the star of the lip contouring show. The foundation to coveted plump lip looks, define your cupid’s bow by drawing an “X” using a lip pencil to create a defined starting point before extending your lip liner down both sides of your top lip. The more defined your cupid’s bow, the more dramatic your lip look will be.

2. Overline Your Lips

To achieve the illusion of fuller lips, continue down both sides of your top lip from the “X” that you had marked out by lining just outside of your natural lip shape. If you have unsteady hands, draw thin connecting strokes instead of a single continuous line. It may also be helpful if you draw a stroke from the outer corners of your lips to indicate the ending point and connect it to the line you are drawing from your cupid’s bow. Subsequently, add contouring dimension by filling in only the outer corners of your lips using your lip liner. We recommend using our beginner-friendly all natural Organic Royal Lipstick liner-lipstick hybrid.

3. Choose A Lighter Lipstick Hue

Pick a lipstick shade that is lighter than your lip liner and use it to fill in bare areas of your lips starting from the center. Blend the colors together seamlessly where your lipstick meets your lip liner for a natural looking finish. The lighter shade on the most protruding point of your lips creates a subtle highlight effect.

4. Add A Touch Of Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is the key to an ultra-glamorous look. Dab a touch of clear shimmering lip gloss onto the center of your lips to reflect the light and create the illusion of a plump pout. If you are not a fan of gloss and prefer to keep things velvety or matte, you may skip this step.

5. Highlight Your Cupid’s Bow

Using our Shimmering All Natural Face Highlight Pressed Mineral Powder, pick up a small amount of product using your fingertip and lightly dab it onto your cupid’s bow to add dimension and brighten up your overall look.

6. Create Shadow Using A Darker-Toned Concealer

To accentuate the appearance of fuller lips, apply a darker concealer shade just below the bottom of your lower lip using a small brush. This adds a subtle shadow effect that gives the impression of full pouty lips.

If you have tried many ways to create fuller lips but find the results unsatisfactory, give the lip contouring technique a shot. It might just be what you need to flaunt the luscious lips of your dreams. 


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