Makeup Tips To Make You Look More Rested

You know what's great about makeup? You can change how you look right in front of your mirror with a few swipes here, some brushstrokes there. And if you're looking for makeup tips to make yourself look more rested, I'm here to help! Here are my favorite tricks to instantly perk up any face.



Keep Your Skin Moisturized

If you want to look more rested, one of the best things you can do is moisturize your face. Moisturizing before bed will help keep your skin hydrated and plump, which makes it appear more youthful.

In addition to using a facial moisturizer every morning and night, make sure that any makeup products (like foundation or blush) also have SPF as part of their ingredients list - especially if you're going outside during daylight hours in the summer months.

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Use Concealer Under Your Eyes

Concealer is a great tool for hiding dark circles under your eyes. To apply it, first apply foundation and let it dry completely. Then, with a brush or your finger, apply concealer in an upside-down triangle shape under each eye (the triangle should start at the inner corner of your eyebrow and extend outwards). Blend the edges of the triangle so they look seamless with the rest of your skin using either a sponge or finger tips.

When using concealer on top of foundation: Some people prefer to use liquid concealers over powder because they feel like they stay on longer without creasing into fine lines as much as powders do; however, some people find that liquid formulas settle into creases more easily than powders do because they're thinner in consistency which makes them less emollient than creamy sticks or cakes--so if this happens to you then try switching back!

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Wear Blue-Hued Shadows And Liners

Blue-hued shadows and liners can be applied to the lid and under the eye. This will make your eyes appear more awake, as blue tones are known to do this. Apply blue-hued shadows and liners in a light hand; don't overdo it!

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Use A Matte Lipstick Instead Of A Gloss

A matte lipstick is much more natural-looking than a gloss, which can make you look like you're trying too hard. It also lasts longer and won't make your lips look chapped or cracked.

When it comes to choosing a color, it's best to go with something darker than what you would normally wear - this will help balance out the rest of your face and make it appear less pale. You don't want to go for anything too bright or bold though; this will only draw attention to how tired you look!

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Highlight With A Peach Blush Instead Of A Bronzer

If you're looking to brighten up your face and give yourself a more rested look, peach blush is the way to go. Peach blushes are generally more flattering on most people than bronzers because they tend to be less orange and therefore look more natural. This means that if you have light skin, peaches will make your complexion look brighter without making it look like you've got too much color on your cheeks; if you have darker skin, peaches will add warmth without giving off an unnatural hue - the perfect way to give off that "I woke up like this" vibe!

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Choose Complementary Colors For Foundation, Blush, And Lipstick

  • Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone.
  • Find a blush that complements the color of your foundation.
  • Choose a lipstick that matches your blush and complements the color of your eyes (or vice versa). If you have green eyes, choose red lips; if you have blue eyes, go with pink or peach shades; and so on.
  • A lip liner can help define the shape of your lips before applying lipstick or gloss--it'll make it easier to get clean lines without getting messy! 

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You Can Look More Rested With These Easy Makeup Tips!

  • Concealer is your friend. Under-eye circles are a common sign of fatigue, so use concealer to cover them up. Set the concealer with powder to ensure that it doesn't crease or fade throughout the day.
  • Use blue-hued shadows and liners as part of your eye makeup routine--blue tones can make your eyes look larger and more awake!
  • A matte lipstick instead of a gloss will keep lips looking fresh all day long. You don't want your lipstick fading away into nothingness before lunchtime!
  • Highlight with peach blush instead of bronzer; this will give you a youthful glow without making you appear older than intended (which can happen when using bronzers).



I hope these tips have helped you feel more confident in your own skin! Remember that the best way to look rested is by taking care of yourself and practicing good hygiene. Start by making sure your skin stays hydrated, then use concealer under your eyes before applying foundation. After that, add some blue tones with eye shadow or liner; these will make your eyes look brighter and less tired than browns would do. Finally--and most importantly--choose complementary colors for blush and lipstick so that everything works together instead of being mismatched (which is always going to make anyone look tired).


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