Mascara Checklist: Things To Consider When Finding ‘The One’

No beauty ritual is complete without a mascara.



Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Conveying your every feeling and unspoken thought, your eyes are one of the first features people see. Dressing up your eyes with the perfect mascara can enliven your face, build up your confidence, and put a cheerful spring in your steps. With many types of mascara available, it can be daunting to find your ideal match. In this mascara checklist, we have gathered all that you need to consider to help you find ‘The One’.

 Organic Eyelash Mascara


Is It User-Friendly?

The right mascara should fit like a glove. Its tube should not be too big and should fill your hand comfortably so that you can maneuver it effortlessly to pull off any lash look you desire. Its wand should be appropriately sized, not too big for your eyes or you may find it hard to reach tiny lash strands, and not too small that you will have to comb through your lash multiple times. The perfect mascara should feature a buttery smooth texture that glides onto your lashes seamlessly without leaving uneven clumps in its trail.

Does It Have A Long-Lasting Formula?

There is nothing more frustrating than ending up with panda eyes in the middle of the day. Select a water-resistant mascara with a formulation that promises superior staying power so that you can look radiantly beautiful all day long without the hassle of repeated applications. Mascaras developed with high quality ingredients will play a part in how well its color and texture hold onto your lashes. If you find that your mascara already starts to flake within a few hours of wearing, toss it and start your search for a new one.

Does Its Wand Deliver Length, Volume, Or Both?

Having the right tool for the job is half the work done. A mascara wand that fits your eye shape and does what it promises to do will make application an enjoyable experience.

Our Organic Eyelash Mascara has a classic comb shape, which is the most popular wand shape among lash fanatics. A comb-shaped wand delivers both exceptional length and intense volume for fuller lashes while its fine bristles separate and define each lash.

A thick fiber brush wand is densely bristled and deposits more product with each swipe. This type of mascara wand is designed specifically for voluptuous lash looks as it effectively fills in sparse lash lines to create an enchanting doll-like look. A ball-shaped wand has either a spherical body or just a spherical tip. This wand is great for getting to the root of your lashes to ensure a full coverage from root to tip unlike chunkier wands. Lastly, a bottom lash wand is generally smaller with fewer bristles to enable you to coat lower lashes with ease.

Does It Dry Efficiently?

A mascara that dries too quickly gives you less time to work with and may not be ideal for more intricate lash looks. On the other hand, a mascara that takes ages to dry means that you will have to spend time waiting so that it does not smudge and not everyone has the time for that.

Does It Nourish Your Lashes?

Double duty makeup is a must-have for busy go-getters. While you are living your best life, let your mascara do the work. Look out for mascaras formulated with nutrient-rich plant extracts such as our Organic Eyelash Mascara. Its potent concoction of Chamomile, Sunflower Seed and Rosemary Oil, moisturizes, conditions and promotes lash growth so you can enjoy naturally healthy and long lashes even without wearing mascara.

Is It Easy To Remove?

No one looks forward to removing stubborn mascara after a long day of work. A water-resistant formulation can be easier to rinse off than a waterproof one. Soak an eye makeup remover on a clean cotton pad and gently swipe off all mascara residue. Be careful not to drag and pull as the skin around your eyes are delicate, doing so may lead to lash loss and the development of fine lines and wrinkles. If your mascara passes the makeup removal test, you may have a winner.

Buying the perfect mascara is a worthy investment. Accentuating the windows to your soul with the best mascara match can go a long way in making your beauty ritual an enjoyable process while empowering you to be the best version of yourself every day.  

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