Rock These One-Color Eyeshadow Looks


Spend 30 minutes on makeup every morning? No, thanks!

Nailing your everyday look using the least number of products while still looking like the best version of yourself as you head out the door is possible. In this article, we show you how you can achieve fuss-free glowing looks using just one eyeshadow color. No advanced application needed!


Single-Shade Dimension

Yes, it is absolutely possible to sculpt and add dimension to your eyes with a single eyeshadow shade. The secret is in choosing a neutral matte brown eyeshadow that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone. Prime your eyelids with an eye primer and apply your foundation onto your lids as well. Your foundation will double up as the lighter eyeshadow shade. Apply eyeshadow on your upper lash line and blend it upward ever so slightly. Pack on more colors on the outer third of your eyes before brushing eyeshadow along your crease line, leaving the center and inner corners of your eyes untouched.

Smokey Eyes

Contrary to popular belief, beautiful smokey eyes do not always require more than one eyeshadow shade. Achieve the same level of drama, if not more, by applying a medium-dark toned eyeshadow on your entire eyelids, keeping them within the natural curves of your crease line. Gradually add on more products to build up intensity. When you are satisfied, either wipe off excess product on your brush or use a clean eyeshadow brush to blend out the color along your crease line. It is perfectly fine if the edges are not all blended out, the best smokey eye is one that is a little gritty and unpolished!

Sheer Wash

A great complement to rosy glowing skin, a light all-over wash of sheer pastel eyeshadow brightens up your complexion and lifts your spirit in an instant. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to pick up a small amount of eyeshadow and apply it layer by layer to build up intensity. Avoid using your fingers as you may accidentally pack on too much product. Blend out the eyeshadow color beyond your socket for a dreamy look.

Metallic Cat-Eye Liner

This gilded twist on the classic cat-eye liner is bound to take you from day to night. Select a shimmering metallic eyeshadow that pops against your skin tone. Lightly mist an angle brush with setting spray or water before picking up eyeshadow and drawing a bold line along your upper lash line. Extend the line outward and end off with a flick. Repeat this step until you achieve the perfect intensity. Clean up any mistakes or fall outs using a q-tip soaked in makeup remover.

Neon Party

Express your personality with playful neon colors! Create an ethereal blurred wing shape using neon eyeshadow by first tracing your crease line using an eyeliner brush and creating a wing at the end. Fill in your eyelids with the same eyeshadow color using an eyeshadow brush using a patting motion. Finally, soften the edges by buffing out the harsh lines. 

Beautiful eye makeup does not have to be as complicated as it looks! Create bold striking looks using our Organic Eyeshadow and be ready to head out the door within minutes.  

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