Step-By-Step Guide To Flawless Foundation Application

Impeccable foundation application is not as easy as it looks.



The art of skin-perfecting foundation requires techniques that balance the fine line between looking natural and appearing too made up while being skillful at covering imperfections and correcting skin tone. In this article, we reveal essential makeup tips you will need to achieve a radiant ethereal glow while looking like you are not wearing any foundation at all.

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Start With A Clean & Hydrated Canvas

We cannot stress this enough. After waking up from a good night’s sleep, cleanse your skin and replenish moisture lost with a lightweight moisture or hydrating serum to instantly awaken a dehydrated complexion. Foundation blends best on smooth supple skin without resulting in uneven dry patches.

Don’t Skip The Primer

While it may be tempting to skip using a primer because it will not be visible underneath the foundation, it is the secret to dreamy smooth complexion. The best face primer creates a flawless smooth canvas for face products to glide on. It helps to blur pores and depending on the type of primer you use, some mattifying primers deliver oil-control properties while some dewy primers add a touch of light shimmer to bring out your natural radiance.

Gradually Build Up Coverage

Apply a small amount of foundation and blend it out before adding more until you have the desired coverage. Alternatively, if you are blessed with naturally clear skin, you can apply foundation only to areas where your complexion needs a little boost, such as areas with blemishes and discoloration. Avoid going overboard with foundation as too much product can backfire and result in an unnatural cakey look.

Use A Dabbing Motion

To achieve a polished airbrushed effect, apply foundation using a dabbing motion with a stippling brush or beauty blender and gently tap foundation onto your skin. Doing so avoids smearing face makeup around and causing streaks to form. This dabbing technique can be used with a wide range of face products, from liquid, powder, cream to stick formats.

Apply Foundation On Your Neck

There is nothing more unnatural than a mismatch of face and neck shade. When blending out your foundation, bring some product down to your neck as well. The neck is often overlooked but it is one of the first areas to show early signs of aging and is prone to pigmentation and skin discoloration.

Spot Conceal Imperfections

Heavy products, such as cream concealers, are the first to slide off especially on hot days. Adopt a spot concealing approach by dabbing on an adequate amount of concealer onto troubled spots and blend them into the surrounding foundation.

Set Face Makeup

The cherry on top. Seal your face makeup with our All Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder so that it remains crease-free and stays on all day. Formulated with nourishing plant extracts, this organic translucent powder hydrates and strengthens your skin barrier, leaving your skin looking more youthful than before

The art of skin-perfecting foundation may seem elusive but by following this step-by-step guide, you can achieve flawless foundation application every single time! 

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