The Benefits Of Using A Primer Under Your Foundation

There are tons of reasons why you should use foundation primer. Primers can help smooth skin, keep your makeup looking fresh longer, prevent acne breakouts and more! Here's what you need to know.



Prepping Your Skin Before You Apply Foundation Is Crucial For A Flawless Finish

Preparing your skin before you apply foundation is crucial for a flawless finish. First, use a moisturizer or serum to hydrate and nourish the skin. Next, prime it with a pore-minimizing primer that will help keep oil at bay throughout the day. The key here is to blend in the product evenly so that there are no visible lines between where you applied it and where your bare face starts (this can happen if you don't press down firmly enough). Finally, apply foundation on top of this base layer of primer using whatever method works best for you sponge or brush!

When choosing which type of primer works best for your needs, consider what kind of coverage level you want: light-to-moderate coverage? Heavy? Full coverage? And remember: You don't need both an under-eye concealer AND an eye shadow base - just choose one or two products from each category instead!


Primers Are A Must For Photos And Videos

Primers are a must for photos and videos. They help keep your skin looking fresh and clean throughout the day, and they'll also keep your makeup in place (no more creases!), which is especially important if you're filming a YouTube video or taking pictures at an event.

Primers also give you an extra layer of protection between the world and your actual face, so it's easier to achieve a flawless finish with less effort!


It Can Help With Acne And Acne Scarring

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of products out there that claim to fight acne and scarring. But what if there was a way to combine them? You can do just that by using a primer under your foundation!

Primers are made up of various ingredients that help the skin look its best by doing things like: illuminating it, reducing the appearance of pores, keeping it moisturized (and therefore less likely to break out) or even filling in fine lines. If you're wearing makeup as part of your daily routine (which we hope you are), priming is an easy way to ensure that everything stays put all day long without any issues.


It Helps Give A Smooth, Silky Texture To Your Makeup

Primers are designed to smooth out your skin and give it a silky texture. This will help your foundation glide on more smoothly, which makes for an application that looks natural and polished.

The primer also helps the makeup stick to your skin, so you don't have to worry about it moving around when you're applying it or throughout the day (especially if you have oily skin). Primers fill in pores and fine lines, giving you a smoother look right off the bat when applied under foundation - and they can even extend its wearability by preventing creasing or caking at all!


The Primer Will Hold Onto Your SPF, Making It Last Longer

The first thing you need to know is that SPF isn't a permanent fix. It's not going to prevent sun damage, but it can help your skin recover from it.

SPF only works if you use it in conjunction with other skincare products and reapply often. If you don't do either of those things, then there's no point in having an SPF at all!


It Will Help Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh And Clean Throughout The Day

Primers are made with different ingredients, so you may want to try out a few before deciding, which one works best for your skin. Some primers can be oily and some dry, while others have SPF or antioxidants. You can even find primers made with skincare products like hyaluronic acid that help keep your skin looking fresh and clean throughout the day.

If you have acne-prone skin, it's best to avoid using an oily primer because it can lead to more breakouts over time (and who wants that?). If this is the case for you or if you're just looking for something lighter than standard foundation coverage, but still want good coverage overall--a tinted moisturizer could be perfect!


Using Foundation Primer Will Make A Huge Difference In The Long Run

  • You will notice a difference in the long run.
  • Your foundation will last longer, blend better and stay on longer.
  • Your foundation will look more natural and less powdery than without primer.
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We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of primer under your foundation. Primer is an essential part of any makeup routine, but especially if you're looking for flawless results! We can't stress enough how much easier it will be to apply your makeup when using a primer first. You'll notice that your skin looks more even-toned, less oily or dry than before and lasts longer throughout the day without drying out or caking up (especially if paired with an SPF).

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