The Best Lipstick Shades For Every Skin Tone

Lipstick is a great way to express your style, but it's also a pretty big commitment. You don't want to waste your money on a tube of lipstick that doesn't look good with your skin tone, so I'm here to help you find the perfect shade for you. Here are some of my favorite lip colors for every skin tone.


Fair Skin

Fair skin is the most common skin tone, and it's associated with light hair and eyes. Fair-skinned people are often thought to have cool undertones, but this isn't always the case. For example, some fair-skinned women have pinkish undertones in their skin that can make them look better in warm lipstick shades like orange or red than they would otherwise.

If you're a woman who falls into this category - and chances are good that you do if you're reading this article--here are some good lipsticks for your complexion.

Light Skin

If you have light skin, you can wear pretty much any shade of red or orange lipstick. You can also try pink, peach and coral shades if you want to stray from the traditional bright colors.

Nude lipsticks are also a great choice for this skin tone because they provide a bit more coverage than other nude shades while still being subtle enough to not make the wearer look washed out. If you're looking for something even more natural looking than nudes, but still want some color in your life then try pinks!

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Medium Skin

Medium skin tones can wear almost any color, but there are a few shades that will look best on you. Pinks, reds and oranges are good choices for medium skin. Look for shades with yellow undertones to create the illusion of a tanner complexion.

Dark Skin

  • Dark skin tones can wear any shade of red, blue or orange.
  • Dark skin tones can wear any shade of pink.


Lipstick Is Versatile, So You Don't Have To Choose A Single Shade

Lipstick is versatile, so you don't have to choose a single shade.

You can use lipstick on its own or as part of a makeup look. It can be used to create a subtle or bold look, depending on the occasion and your personal preference. Lipstick also makes for an excellent base for other products like lip glosses and lip liners--so don't be afraid to experiment with layering different colors!

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Lipstick is an amazing product and can be worn by anyone. It's important to remember that there are no rules when it comes to lipstick shades and skin tones. If you want something bold, go for it! If you want something more subtle, that's okay too - just don't forget about your preferences when shopping around at the makeup counter or online store.

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