The Best Makeup Removers For A Fresh Face

We all know that the most important part of your makeup routine is taking it off. You can spend hours applying products, but if you don't take them off correctly, you'll end up with puffy eyes and skin that looks tired and dull. So today we're going to share our favorite makeup removers—all of which are clean beauty products that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and ready for bed.


Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best makeup removers out there. It's natural, organic and it won't clog your pores like other products can do. You can use coconut oil as a face wash, a moisturizer and even as an eye makeup remover!

The first thing you'll want to do is make sure that the coconut oil you're using is 100% pure unrefined extra virgin organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil from Thailand or Philippines (the countries where coconuts grow). The reason why this type is better than any other kind of coconut oil is because those two countries have their own unique strains which contain higher levels of lauric acid than any other country does. If you buy an inferior product from another country then it won't work as well on removing all types of makeup including waterproof mascara!

Organic Aloe Gel

Aloe gel is a great choice for sensitive skin. It's also good for dry skin and oily skin, but it's especially effective on sensitive skin because it doesn't contain any ingredients that can irritate your face. If you have normal or combination skin, aloe gel will do the trick too! 


Natural, Green Tea & Vitamin E Oil

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Natural Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a plant-based astringent that can be used as a toner. It's also an ingredient in many natural skin care products, including anti-acne treatments and toners. Witch hazel is known for its ability to remove dirt and oil from the pores, making it a great makeup remover.


Organic Olive Oil

Olive oil is the best makeup remover because it's natural, gentle and won't irritate your skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help soothe redness and irritation caused by wearing heavy makeup all day long.

You can use olive oil as a cleanser or toner to remove any leftover dirt or makeup after washing your face with a regular cleanser. For best results, apply a small amount of olive oil directly onto dry skin then massage gently until all traces of makeup are gone (about 15 seconds). Wipe off with tissue paper before rinsing with warm water.

It takes longer than other types of facial cleansers because they contain synthetic ingredients that dissolve dirt easily but don't always cleanse deep inside pores where bacteria can grow if left untreated over time. 

Natural, Plant-Based Cleansing Tonic (With Sage)

If you're looking for a natural alternative to traditional makeup removers, this cleansing tonic is the way to go. It cleanses the skin while helping to clear pores and fight bacteria. The key ingredient? Sage. Sage has been used for centuries for its antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a great choice for keeping your skin healthy!

Sage is also packed with vitamins A & C that promote collagen production in the skin (collagen being what keeps us looking young). This can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time by boosting elasticity which keeps everything tight! 

Clean Beauty Does Not Need To Take A Lot Of Time

Clean beauty does not need to take a lot of time.

The products are easy to use, and they work quickly so you don't have to spend hours in front of the mirror. Clean beauty also helps your skin because it's made with natural ingredients that nourish it instead of drying it out like many standard cosmetics do. The products are good for the environment because they're cruelty-free, vegan and often organic, so there is no waste generated during production or packaging (which means less plastic). And finally, clean beauty will save you money because it lasts longer than regular makeup, so while it may cost more up front, over time you'll actually save money by using fewer products! 


In the end, it's all about finding what works best for you. I hope this list has helped you find some new ideas and inspiration for your beauty routine!

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