The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Makeup Brushes

As a beauty editor, I get a lot of questions about makeup brushes. They're one of those things that most people don't think about but that make a big difference to your look, especially if you like to do your own makeup. So here's everything you need to know about these little tools: what they are, how to choose the right one for you and how to clean them properly so they last for years.


What Are Makeup Brushes?

Makeup brushes are essential to applying makeup. They can be used with liquid, powder and cream products to apply color and blend out the edges of your look. The best part is that they're not expensive at all!

They come in many shapes and sizes: flat top brushes are great for applying foundation; angled brushes give you more precision when applying eyeliner; dome shaped ones help you blend out your contour seamlessly. Each type has its own purpose so it's important to know which one works best for your face shape before purchasing one (or two).

How Do You Choose The Right Makeup Brush?

Choosing the right makeup brush can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. The first step is choosing a brush that's suited for your needs and skin type.

Next, you'll want to think about size and shape: are you trying to apply liquid foundation or concealer? What about powder? Do you want full coverage or light coverage? Are there any specific areas where you need more precision (like around the eyes)? If so, look for smaller brushes with fine bristles that will help control those areas.

You also want to consider handle length and material; some handles are made from wood while others are synthetic materials like plastic or metal, and they come in different shapes as well, which may affect how comfortable they feel in your hand while applying makeup!

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

You can clean your brushes using one of the following products:

  • A brush cleanser, which is a liquid or gel that you apply to the bristles and swirl them around in circular motions until all traces of makeup are removed.
  • A brush shampoo, which is similar to a cleanser, but has an added conditioning agent so that it leaves your brushes feeling soft after use.
  • Baby shampoo works well for cleaning synthetic fibers like those found in most makeup tools (and even some natural-haired ones too).

The Best Makeup Brush Brands

So you've decided to invest in a good makeup brush set. Now what?

Well, the first step is finding the right brand for you. There are countless brands out there and they all have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, so it's important that you find the brand that best suits your needs. The good news is that there are high quality brushes at any price point (and even drugstore prices!), so no matter what kind of budget you're working with, there are plenty of options available for all kinds of people!

You can find great brushes at department stores like Ulta or Sephora or online retailers like Amazon or Beauty Bay; some popular brands include Sigma Beauty (who offer both synthetic and natural hair options), Hakuhodo (Japanese-made brushes) as well as MAC Cosmetics' Pro line, which features synthetic fiber bristles but still has amazing quality control standards since they've been around so long! Other cruelty-free brands include Morphe Brushes--which recently launched an entire line dedicated solely toward vegan options--as well as Zoeva Cosmetics whose products contain no animal products whatsoever."


When Choosing The Right Brush, Look For Brushes That Are Soft, Durable And Easy To Clean

When choosing the right brush, look for brushes that are soft and durable. You'll also want to make sure that they're easy to clean.

A soft makeup brush will apply your makeup evenly and give you a flawless finish. It's also good if it has an angled tip so you can reach hard-to-reach places like around your nose or under the eyes.

A durable makeup brush should last longer than others because it won't fall apart after several uses--and there's nothing worse than having half of your favorite eye shadow stuck in a broken applicator! Durable brushes are often made from synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester instead of animal hair (which breaks down faster).



With this guide, you should be well on your way to choosing the right makeup brush for your needs. Remember that there are many different types of brushes so it's important to do some research first before making a purchase. You can also find great deals online if you shop around with different retailers!

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