The Ultimate Guide to Flawless Foundation Application

We're all about the base here at, and the foundation is usually where it all starts. So we've put together this ultimate guide to flawless foundation application to help you create a smooth canvas for your makeup!

Prep Your Skin

To ensure your foundation looks flawless, it's important to prep the skin. This means using a gentle cleanser and avoiding harsh exfoliants. After cleansing, use toner to balance the pH level of your skin (this will help prevent breakouts). Then apply moisturizer as needed, but don't overdo it! Some foundations can be drying if applied on top of too much moisture-retaining products like primer or setting powder.

Cleanse And Tone

Cleansing is the first step in any makeup routine. It's important to cleanse your skin because it removes dirt and dead skin cells, which can clog pores and cause breakouts. Cleansing also gives you a fresh canvas for applying foundation by removing excess oil and makeup residue from your face so that the product goes on smoothly and lasts longer throughout the day. Cleansers come in many different forms, including liquid cleansers (like micellar water), cream-based cleansers (such as balms), exfoliating scrubs or pads that contain beads that gently remove dirt from your pores--all of which will work well at cleaning off any leftover residue left behind after washing with soap or body wash in the shower.

Just remember that if you're using an oil-based product like foundation primer or BB cream as opposed to traditional liquid foundations then you'll want to use something like coconut oil instead!


If you want to make sure your foundation goes on flawlessly and stays in place all day, one of the best things you can do is exfoliate before applying it.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps promote healthy skin. It also makes your complexion look younger and more radiant as it allows light to reflect off of your face better.

In addition to improving its appearance, exfoliation helps makeup go on smoother because there are less imperfections for the product to cling onto (such as dry patches or clogged pores). This means that even if you have sensitive skin or breakouts from time-to-time, which most people do! You'll still be able to achieve beautiful results when using a high quality foundation over top of an exfoliated base!


Moisturizing your face before applying foundation is an essential step for a flawless finish. Moisturizer hydrates the skin and helps makeup go on more smoothly, as well as making it last longer. Foundation will look more natural and younger if you moisturize first!

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Blend Foundation Into The Skin

You've applied your foundation, but how do you make it look natural? The key to blending your base into the skin is using small circular motions.

You can use either a brush or your fingers for this step both will blend the product seamlessly into the skin. The key here is not to overdo it! You only want to blend enough so that there are no visible lines between where your foundation ends and where your face begins (if there are any). If you're applying liquid or cream products with a sponge applicator, press gently on each area of coverage and then use circular motions with both hands until everything looks seamless and blended together nicely.

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Follow These Steps To Create A Flawless Base For Your Makeup

  • Cleanse and tone your skin.
  • Exfoliate to remove any dead or dry skin, which can make your foundation look cakey or blotchy.
  • Moisturize, because it's important to keep your face hydrated so that the makeup doesn't look caked on (and also because it helps prevent breakouts).
  • Blend foundation into the skin with a sponge or brush, we recommend using a damp sponge if you're going for a dewy finish, but if you want more coverage, use a beauty blender dampened with water instead of an applicator brush.


Once you've mastered these steps, you can use them to create a flawless base for your makeup routine. It's important not to skip any of these steps because they are all essential for creating the perfect canvas for your foundation application. If you have dry skin or acne, exfoliating twice weekly is recommended as well!

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