Tips To Coordinate Lipstick Shades With Your Outfit


Getting ready for a romantic date night?


First impressions matter. No matter the occasion you are dressing up for, coordinating your lipstick shade with your chosen outfit will elevate your overall look. A strategic lipstick selection can either help to tone down an otherwise formal dress for a casual day out or inject drama to your ensemble. Discover tips and tricks that you can use to complete your look with the perfect lipstick shade.

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White garments are the easiest to work with. This clean minimalistic color is simplicity at its finest. It goes well with all lipstick colors so it presents many opportunities for you to play up your look. For a natural everyday look, pair your white outfit with a natural pink or coral lipstick, such as our Luxe Organic Lipstick (link to product) in Spring Blossom and Coral, to create a fresh-faced makeup. Take your look from day to evening glamor by using a dark and bold lip color to attract attention towards your face. A splash of crimson red or burgundy will do just the trick.


Similar to white, black apparels are also easy to work with. They exude an understated air of elegance with just a hint of seriousness. You can never go wrong with a sleek black dress or a classic black jacket. Turn heads with a classic red lipstick for a look that is polished and seductive at the same time. Our Luxe Organic Lipstick (link to product) in Red Rose never fails. For a more formal work event, a nude lipstick that complements your skin tone will go well with your outfit.


A bold choice of color, red is not for the faint hearted. This fiery shade gives a strong first impression and it brings out your inner diva. To match the intensity of your striking outfit, match your red garment with a complementary medium brown nude or a peachy shade lipstick without clashing red on red. You can wear red lipstick but consider dressing your smile in a different shade of red than your outfit to avoid looking too matched up. If you have decided to deck your eyes with a daring smokey eye or cat eyeliner, then keep your lips to a minimum with a taupe shade so that you will not look over the top. We recommend our Luxe Organic Lipstick (link to product) in Camelia.


A fashionable shade of choice, blue is suitable for both day and night. Orange and blue are complementary colors so wearing a peachy or brick-red lipstick can make your overall look pop. Luxe Organic Lipstick (link to product) in Spiced Poppy is a perfect warm orange-red that flatters all skin tones. Exude quiet confidence with a soft baby pink lipstick hue or bring the drama with you and swipe on a bright red lipstick for a stunning contrast with your blue ensemble.


Green is a mesmerizing color that brings out the olive in your skin tone. If you choose to wear a dark green outfit like emerald, a bold red lip will look luxurious and you will have the aura of royalty. If you are donning softer shades of green, peach and nude lipsticks will make great complements to your overall outfit.


A joyful color, yellow outfits reflect your bright and cheerful energy. This happy shade is best paired with lighthearted lip colors such as pinks which can lend a youthful vibe. Try our Luxe Organic Lipstick (link to product) in Peachy Pink. For a glamorous look, deck your lips in a flattering red lipstick shade and you will be ready to conquer the world.


Embrace your inner romantic, a pink ensemble brings out your feminine side which you can further enhance with a soft pink lip color. If you crave for the unexpected and would like a fiercer look, a bright fuchsia pink lipstick will take your outfit to a whole new level.

Fun is where fashion and beauty intersect. Coordinating your lipstick shade to your outfit is a great way to express your personality and style while looking effortlessly beautiful. Shop our Luxe Organic Lipstick (link to product) to add a dash of oomph to your look. 

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