Tips To Enhance Your Natural Lip Shape With A Lipstick


Your lip shape is as unique as your fingerprint.



One of our most distinct features, lip shape plays a key role in our overall allure and style. If changing lip colors can dial up or down your makeup look, altering your lip shape can dramatically transform your attitude as well. From flaunting flirty heart-shaped lips to wearing sensual full lips, we have rounded up some tips to enhance your natural lip shape using our Luxe Organic Lipstick.

Heart-Shaped Lips

A rare and coveted lip shape defined by a prominent cupid’s bow with a distinct dip in the middle that looks like a heart. This soft pillowy lip shape is romantic and flirty at the same time. Accentuate the playful curves of your lips by dabbing a touch of glimmering highlight to your cupid’s bow. We recommend our All Natural Face Highlight Pressed Mineral Powder in a flattering gold hue. To create a supple effect, blend a lighter lipstick shade in the center of your lips.

Top Heavy Lips

This chic lip shape is characterized by a fuller top lip. Slightly overdraw your lower lip with a lip pencil to create the illusion of a fuller bottom lip to balance out your overall lip look. When lining your upper lip, draw within your natural lines to sculpt and define. Fill in your lips with your desired lipstick shade to complete your look.

Luxe Organic Lipstick



Bottom Heavy Lips

The opposite of a top heavy lip, this seductive lip shape has a bottom lip that appears fuller. To balance your lip shape, line the outside of your upper lip with a lip pencil in a shade similar to your natural lip color. If you wish to create a narrower lip shape, apply lip liner on the inner edges of your lower lip.

Thin Lips

This elegant lip shape features less space and dimension on both top and bottom lips. To achieve more fullness, overline both lips and fill them in with a pigmented lip pencil. However, do not overdo this step as you may end up with an unnatural look. Pay close attention to your cupid’s bow and the fullest part of your bottom lip when lining them as these are the areas which can give you the most volume. Wear your favorite lip color before topping off with a coat of shimmering lip gloss for extra suppleness.

Full Lips

A sexy voluptuous lip shape that captivates, full lips are defined by soft pillowy pouts that are slightly protruding. If you desire to create a striking lip look, choose a bold matte lipstick to draw all eyes on your lush lips. If you wish to rock a sultry smokey eye, keep your lips a soft nude color to avoid clashing with your spellbinding eye makeup.

Downturned Lips

Downturned lips are unique lip shapes that have slight dips in the corners. Use a concealer and a flat brush to blend away the edges of your mouth, followed by a lip liner to redraw in the corners according to your preferred shape. To reverse the dips, fill in the corners of your lips by taking the lip color outward and upward.

Express your individuality and be fearless. Do not be afraid to rock your natural lip shape as it is truly unique to you. Now that you have identified your lip shape, read our article “How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly Every Single Time” to find out how you can achieve an impeccable lip makeup look no matter the occasion.


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