Tips & Tricks To Apply Face Primer Flawlessly


Priming your skin is an essential step to achieving flawless face makeup. 



After indulging your complexion in luxurious skincare beauty products, how you apply a face primer will affect the way your makeup look turns out. In this article, we round up a list of easy tips and tricks that you can use to nail a glowing look.

Choose The Right Primer

As a primer is to be applied onto your entire face, choosing one that complements your skin type matters. If you have normal to dry skin, go for a hydrating primer, such as our Organic All Natural Face Primer, to maintain an optimal skin hydration level throughout the day. If you have oily skin, a mattifying primer with oil-control properties will help take away excess shine.


Organic All Natural Face Primer


Fingertips vs Brush Application

You can never go wrong with applying face primer with your fingertips. Gently deposit a pea-sized amount of product onto your fingertips and work your way out from the center of your face. The warmth of your fingertips will melt the product and allow you to blend it out seamlessly while activating any skin-loving ingredients there may be in your primer. The fingertip application method works best for translucent primers because then you will know how much product you are putting on.

Wait Before Applying Foundation

Just like you would wait for your skincare products to be absorbed before applying a face primer, let your primer sit for at least a minute before putting on your foundation. This gives priming products a chance to settle on your complexion and dry down, instead of mixing and interfering with subsequent face products you may put on.

Don’t Forget About Your Eyes

Your primer should be applied to wherever you plan to wear makeup later on. Apply our Organic All Natural Face Primer to your eyelids as well to create a smooth canvas for even eyeshadow application. This helps to ensure that the shadow pigments do not crease and keep eyeliner budge-free all day.

Layering Rules

When layering several face products, it is important to ensure that they are compatible with each other. Your moisturizer, primer and foundation should not clash otherwise you may end up with a patchy and cakey look. For example, a silicone-based primer works best with a silicone-based foundation. Pairing a silicone-based primer with a water-based foundation may spell trouble.

With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you will be able to achieve any face makeup looks you desire! 

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