What Your Favorite Lipstick Shade Says About You


Lipstick is personal.

Your selection of lipstick shade is influenced by many innate reasons, such as your mood, style and preferences, which is why your go-to signature lippie shade speaks volume about your personality. Whether you are a lip gloss kind of girl or you are never spotted without your iconic red lip, discover what your favorite lipstick color says about you.


You are a classic beauty who does not shy away from being the center of attention. You know how to dress up to accentuate your best features. A woman who rocks a bold red lipstick is confident in her own skin and is vocal about where her boundaries lie. She is as passionate as the crimson hue she wears, and she dabbles in many hobbies and interests. This woman is likely a beauty chameleon who knows how to navigate her way around blue-toned rouges and warm brick-reds.

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Hot Pink

A fun and eclectic hue loved by energetic women, hot pink lippies are the signature of women who are playful and highly energetic. If your signature lipstick shade is hot pink, you are not afraid to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. You are often the life of the party and can be spotted hitting the trendiest hangouts in town. Your Friday nights are almost never spent at home.

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Light Pink

You are feminine, flirty and down-to-earth. A hopeless romantic at heart, you dream of a passionate love story with your soulmate. Often seen pairing your pink lipstick with a gorgeous floral dress, your friendly nature attracts many people to your social circle and you are usually around friends. While you may seem carefree on the surface, you can become serious about the things that matter to you, such as your passion and career.

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You are elegant, composed and people are drawn to your understated beauty. You do not need to dress up to the nines for people to notice you. Just like how a perfect nude lip is difficult to master, you are a woman who is more than meets the eye. A lover of arts and culture, you have a deep understanding of yourself and the world. Your astute attention to detail makes you a great observer and you are often the first one to notice if a friend needs help.

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A cheerful lipstick color befitting of a woman with unbridled optimism, you see life through rose-tinted glasses and you never judge a book by its cover. Because you see the best in people and embrace everyone for who they are, you are a joy to be around and are usually surrounded by friends. Even though you are known as the happy pill, you can be resilient and stay calm under pressure. Your generous and giving nature means you are likely to be involved in charitable work.

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You are as mysterious as the mauve hue. A delicate mix of plum and red, mauve is a spellbinding lipstick shade that can appear dramatically different depending on the lighting. You are a complex woman with many passions and can be laser focused when you zone in on an interest of yours. You can be quiet and intense at times but when you open up, people will be delighted to get to know your kind hearted nature. An intelligent and self-assured woman, you are not afraid to take the road less traveled.

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Lip Balm

You embrace natural beauty and appreciate every woman’s unique individuality. A minimalist at heart, you have a pared down beauty routine and prefer to let your natural lips shine through with just a touch of hydrating lip balm. You are comfortable in your own skin and take care of yourself from the inside out. A no-nonsense, efficient go-getter, you never skip your fitness routine even when you get busy.

Lip Gloss

You are friendly, outgoing and adaptable. You let your personality shine through with just a touch of shimmering gloss that matches the sparkle in your eyes. You don’t take yourself too seriously and usually go with the flow. With a lip gloss in hand, you are ever ready to transform your look from day to night whenever the situation (or a bestie) calls. A flirty, voluptuous lips that is oh-so-kissable is your signature look.

Did you resonate with what your favorite lip color says about you? Your personality is multi-dimensional so it will not be surprising if one or more of these shade descriptions speak to you. Our Organic Royal Lipstick is available in a couture selection of 6 stunning shades so you will be able to find a shade that you fancy.  

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