Where To Apply Highlighter On Your Face

Glowing skin is always in trend and the highlighter is designed to deliver just that.



You may be enamored with the spellbinding shine of an iridescent highlighter but going overboard with it may cause you to look like a disco ball. The key to a flawless application is strategic placement. It helps if you can map out your face and identify where you wish to achieve the most shine before applying a highlighter.

What Is Highlighting?

Highlighting is a makeup technique that involves using a matte or shimmering shade lighter than your skin tone to reflect light in order to push out certain features. This accentuates parts of your face, such as your nose bridge and cheekbones, making them more prominent while giving your complexion an overall glow.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, contouring involves using a matte shade darker than your skin to push features inward. Contour shades are applied where shadows naturally fall, such as the hollows of your cheeks, sides of your nose and temples, to sculpt your face.

These two complementary techniques usually go hand in hand to add dimension to your face for a flawless finish.

Where To Apply Highlighter On Your Face?

1. Cheekbones

Highlighter should be applied to the high points of your face where light falls. Dress up your cheekbones with a veil of shimmering highlighter using your fingers or a blush brush and bring the color upward to slightly under your temples. This diagonal line helps to create a lifted effect and allows your cheeks to pop.

2. Nose Bridge

Another obvious high point on your face is the nose bridge. Using your fingertip or a small blending brush, draw a straight line down your nose bridge and blend out the edges. Highlighting your nose bridge creates the illusion of a slimmer and sharper nose.

3. Brow Bones

Brow bones are a key area for highlight placement. Your brow bones play an important role in giving your eye its unique shape. Dab a touch of highlight using your fingertips or an eyeshadow brush to enhance your natural bone structure and add sparkle to the windows to your soul.

4. Eyes

Adorn the inner corners of your eyes with a pinch of illuminating highlight. This beauty hack immediately awakens tired eyes and adds vibrance to your eye makeup. The center of your lids is also another key area to highlight. Doing so breathes dimension and injects vibrancy to your eyeshadow color.

5. Cupid’s Bow

Cupid’s bow is the curved section at the center of your top lip. Accentuating this point with a dab of highlight will give the illusion of a fuller and more defined lip shape.

With more ways than one to highlight your facial features, achieving healthy glowing skin has never been easier. The key is to gradually build up color intensity to avoid looking unnaturally sparkly in case you layer on too much highlighter.

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