Your Ultimate Guide To Rocking A Classic Red Lip

“There is a shade of red for every woman.”



An influential style icon of all time, Audrey Hepburn’s musing on red lipsticks remains a widely accepted beauty wisdom. A classic red lip is a timeless statement that never goes out of style. A bold symbol of passion, love and desire, a beautiful crimson is not just reserved for special occasions. Whether you are spending a casual weekend with girlfriends, getting ready for a date night or going on a shopping spree, red is a versatile hue that flatters all skin tones and brings out your confidence. Read on to discover how to rock a classic red lip using our premium Luxe Organic Lipstick 

The Best Shade Of Red For You            

Classic red is a universally flattering color. However, the best shade of red to bring out your unique features may not be the same for everyone. When it comes to choosing the right lipstick shade, personal preferences play a heavy hand in that decision. If you have a bold personality, a striking bright red may speak to you. If you prefer a muted yet eye-catching hue, a burnt brick-red may appeal to your taste.

Depending on your desired overall look, should you wish to achieve a fuller pout, you can consider steering away from deeper reds as darker hues can make lips look smaller. Lipsticks with warmer orangey-reds are great complement to a healthy tan, while cool bluey-reds brighten up your smile as they can make teeth look whiter.

Luxe Organic Lipstick



Play With Texture

The same shade of red in different textures can deliver dramatically different results. A sheer coverage can make a red lipstick ideal for daytime wear while a full coverage matte lipstick can make your lips stand out in the evening. Lip tints or stains can make a bold red wearable while glossy reds can further dial up the drama as it draws attention to your lips. The possibilities are endless so take your time to experiment and try out different textures to find out what you like.

Red Lips Can Be Natural Too

Glamorous gala-worthy looks often come to mind when we think of red lipsticks. However, red lips can be natural too. Make your favorite shade of red work in the office by first applying lip balm, then dab lipstick on with your fingers and work outward from the center for a stained lip look. Complete your look with generous coats of mascara for a clean professional finish.

We All Make Mistakes Sometimes

Perfectly sculpted red lips can be achieved with the help of a sharp lip pencil that is close to your natural lip color. Using a red lip liner comes at a risk as you may end up with an unexpected two-toned effect if it does not match your lipstick color. Draw an “X” on your cupid’s bow to help create a balanced lip shape. Use a lip brush to fill in your lip color for a polished luxurious finish. When accidents happen, as they usually do, take a bit of concealer using a flat brush and cover smudges using a dabbing motion. Do not use a swiping motion as it may smudge your lip makeup even more.

Beautiful Lip Makeup That Lasts

The last thing you would want after creating a gorgeous red lip look is for it to fade within hours. Lipsticks look best on you instead of glasses and napkins. Blot away excess lipstick by pressing your lips against a tissue before dusting on a thin layer of All Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder to set your lip makeup.

Complete Your Look From Head To Toe

Complement your classic red lip with natural eye makeup. An earthy palette on the eyes help to keep the attention on your lips. To avoid a clash of your blush color with your lip shade, dot a small amount of the same lipstick onto the apples of your cheeks before blending it out for a radiant flush. A little black dress is an elegant fashion piece that does not clash with red lips. If you are wearing a red outfit, choose a different shade of red lipstick to avoid looking too matched up.

Shop our captivating assortment of reds, our Luxe Organic Lipstick in the shades Red Rose, Pink Rose and Pink Hibiscus, flatters all skin tones and lends an air of elegance to every fashion ensemble. 

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