6 Common Bronzer Mistakes You May Be Making


Bronzers get a bad reputation for looking unnatural.

Common complaints against bronzers include results that look too orange, glittery and streaky. In actual fact, bronzers deliver a beautiful healthy glow when applied correctly. We have rounded up 6 common bronzer mistakes you may be making that are getting in the way of a captivating summer glow!

1. Using The Wrong Shade

As bronzers subtly warm up your skin tone to deliver a natural glow, choosing the right shade is critical to nailing the bronzed beauty look. A shade that is too warm for you will cause you to look sunburnt and orange. A shade that is too cool will appear ashy and pale. Avoid using orange-based bronzers as you want to mimic the natural flush you get after having spent some time out in the sun.

Read How To Choose A Bronzer For Your Skin Tone & Undertone to find your perfect bronzer match!

2. Neglecting Your Neck and Décolletage

The classic beauty wisdom of blending foundation down to your neck so that your face and neck match extends to bronzer application as well. Using leftover product on your fluffy brush, sweep a veil of bronzer onto your neck and décolletage so that they exude the same tantalizing warm glow.

3. Choosing The Wrong Formula

Bronzers come in many shapes and sizes.

Powders are great for those new to bronzing as they are the easiest to apply. Our Organic Face Bronzer in a pressed powder compact blends out evenly and unlike cream formulas, they do not require you to work fast before drying out and they are less prone to streaking. Powder bronzers have the added benefit of soaking up excess shine throughout the day.

4. Going Overboard With Shimmer

A little shimmer goes a long way. It can be tempting to pile on the shimmer as it is generally associated with glow but in the case of a bronzer, the primary goal is to warm up your skin tone, not to reflect light like a highlighter would. Too much shimmer will result in face makeup that looks too glittery.

5. Applying With The Wrong Brush

Large fluffy brushes are the best at coating a light veil of bronzer on your skin. It can be slowly built up to achieve a soft all-over glow. If you desire a sculpted look, an angle face brush can help to achieve more precise placements that accentuate the curves of your face.

Avoid brushes that are too stiff or small as they may deposit too much color in one spot making the bronzer harder to blend out resulting in fake harsh lines.

6. Not Blending Enough

Always apply bronzer in a well-lit room so you can see the true effect of the bronzer. Take your time to soften hard lines by buffing bronzer out in a circular motion. If you accidentally add too much product, wipe your powder brush clean and continue buffing to tone down the color.

Even though bronzers tend to get a bad reputation for looking unnatural, it is usually due to wrong application techniques. With these common pitfalls in mind, applying bronzer to achieve a sun-kissed glow will be a breeze every single time!

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