Why You Should Invest In A Lipstick/Lip Liner Hybrid



You deserve the very best of beauty.

In the world of lipstick, there is always something new from color, texture, packaging design to formulation. The next big thing that you should invest in is a lipstick/lip liner hybrid. This 2-in-1 function beauty product is set to shake up the beauty industry because not only does it deliver superior performance, it comes with many other benefits as well. Here are the reasons why you should own this hybrid innovation.

Magnificent Lip Looks

A lipstick/lip liner hybrid serves dual functions. It lines your lips while delivering vibrant pigments that will be sure to turn heads. Our Organic Royal Lipstick lipstick/lip liner hybrid is intensely hydrating with a formulation that glides on smoothly while serving unparalleled color pay-off. Organic beauty products do not have to look pasty. Experience our beauty innovation to transform your beauty game.

Save Time

Time is a finite resource. Your beauty ritual should empower you to be your best self and not take away from your life. Using a lipstick/lip liner hybrid lets you use just one product instead of two which saves you time. There is also less cleanup of beauty tools to do after application. Simply swipe it on, slip it into your purse, and be out of the door in minutes.

Easy To Use

For seasoned lipstick wearers that are new to lip liners, a lipstick/lip liner hybrid is the perfect set of training wheels to help ease you into the art of lip lining. Its pencil-like tube feels comfortable in your hand and allows you to draw precise lines more easily than a regular lipstick tube. Its thicker tip allows for a higher margin of error when it comes to lining your lips. For more tips on how to create a perfect pout using a lip liner, read Makeup Tutorial: 6 Lip Liner Steps To Create The Perfect Pout.

Flaunt Stunning Definition & Volume

lipstick/lip liner’s slim tip enables you to outline your lips with exceptional precision without the need for a lip brush. For extra definition, soak a cotton bud with micellar water to sharpen the edges. In addition, a lipstick/lip liner’s tip is slightly thicker than a regular lip pencil which makes it a better choice at adding volume to your lips.

Declutter Your Makeup Bag

One product, infinite styles. Bring this hybrid product with you to save space in your makeup bag without the need to carry extra tools, such as a lip brush and a sharpener. Women wear multiple hats these days, so we need all the room we can get in our bags!

No More Mismatched Lipstick & Liner Color

Using the same product as a liner and lipstick means saying goodbye to color mismatch and accidental harsh lines. Lip product colors can look different under different settings, so even though your makeup may look great at home, it may not look the same when you are out and about. Using a single shade on your lips also means less time is spent blending out colors.

Shape Unbalanced Lips

If you have uneven lips, a lipstick/lip liner hybrid can take your lip game to the next level. Reshape a thin upper lip by lining just outside your natural lip line or achieve symmetry by drawing your ideal pout. Correcting your lip shape before applying lipstick can drastically transform your look.

With the advent of lip product innovations, a lipstick/lip liner hybrid is one that deserves to be on your watchlist. Shop our Organic Royal Lipstick to elevate your lip game and enhance your lifestyle.


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