Beauty Report: The Biggest Lip Makeup Trends In 2022

A new year brings new beginnings and possibilities.



Whether you are staying true to your goals or reinventing yourself, lipsticks are versatile accessories that can be worn in an infinite number of ways to reflect your personality. Just like how your individuality is dynamic, makeup trends evolve with the times as well. In this article, we break down the hottest lip makeup trends set to take over the beauty scene by storm in 2022. Get your memo pad ready and take notes!

Glazed Lips

“Plump and juicy lips are the look of the season,” says makeup artist Allan Avendaño.

Staging a grand comeback from the 90s, lip glosses are dominating the runways this year. Luscious shiny lips dressed in stunning hues ranging from classic nudes, flirtatious pinks to playful peaches, glazed lips are the latest Vogue-approved trend. Enhance your natural beauty with a coat of gloss over bare lips or take the drama up a notch with gold or rose tinted gloss over lipstick. Channel your inner diva with a full-on glamor look by pairing glazed lips with bold eye makeup decked out in scintillating shimmers and embellishments.

Luxe Organic Lipstick


Monochrome Beauty

Exude effortless confidence of an off-duty model. The monochrome beauty look is easy to achieve and requires only a single product, our all natural Luxe Organic Lipstick.  This trend is perfect for busy women who desire fuss-free makeup routines that do not take time away from important life goals. After you have applied your lipstick, dab a small amount of product onto the apples of your cheeks and use the warmth of your fingertips to blend out the color for a natural flushed glow.

Bold Lips

Daring, audacious and unabashedly bold, this trend is for the makeup junkie who has tried almost every color on the lipstick spectrum. Create statement looks that turn heads with our Luxe Organic Lipstick in majestic shades Deep Plum and Red Rose. These decadent plush hues glide luxuriously onto your lips and instantly transform your charisma. Go easy on your eye makeup for a sleek and fashionable look.

Sculpted Lips

Not just reserved for cheekbones, this contour technique can add extra dimension to your lips. Once a prevalent style in the 90s, sculpted lips have returned with many beauty enthusiasts giving it modern takes. “The contoured lip trend won’t be going anywhere,” says celebrity makeup artist Ash Holm. To rock this trend, trace your lips using a lip liner that is a few shades darker than the lip color you will be using to fill in your pout for a defined look.

Diffused Lips

A modern take on lip makeup popularized by the beauty icons and influencers, a diffused lip look offers a feminine and more natural take on an otherwise bold lip color. Makeup artist Mali Thomas says, “Diffused lips will be everywhere. Inspired by Asian culture, the look features soft stains that concentrate the color in the center of the lip, and less towards the edges. This provides a natural, stained effect that looks effortless.” To achieve diffused lips, deposit lipstick onto the center of your lips before blending it outward using your finger tips or a soft fluffy brush.

Classic Red Lips

Manifest glowing confidence with a splash of fiery crimson. The right shade of red brightens up your smile and complexion while it instantly lifts your spirit.  Pair striking red lips with a dash of mascara for an elegant glow or defy beauty rules and match a bold red lip with sultry smokey eyes. Read Your Ultimate Guide To Rocking A Classic Red Lip for a complete breakdown on how to pull off irresistible red lips.

No matter which 2022 lip makeup trend you have set your sights on, our Luxe Organic Lipstick (link to product) can help you achieve them. Designed in a suite of 16 luxurious shades, be spoilt for choices when choosing perfect lip colors for every occasion. 

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