How To Choose The Best Lipstick For Your Skin Undertone

The lipstick aisle is our happiest place on earth.



Filled with thousands of magnificent shades in many different textures, it is like a candy store for us beauty enthusiasts. However, with a sea of options available, it may be difficult to pick the best lipstick that suits your skin undertone. The first step you should take is to identify your skin undertone which will go a long way in helping you choose colored beauty products beyond lipsticks, such as foundation, eyeshadow and blush.

It is important that we distinguish between skin tone and skin undertone. Skin tone refers to the color depth of your skin, whether it is fair, medium, dark or deep. It can change from season to season, some women are fairer during cooler months and deeper during the summer when they get tanned. On the other hand, skin undertone is the base color of your skin and can generally be identified as warm, neutral or cool. 

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Warm Skin Undertone

A warm skin undertone is characterized by a yellow, golden or olive hue. If you have a warm undertone, your veins will appear green and you will find that gold jewelry looks better on your skin than silver. When people with warm undertones tan, those with lighter skin tone will tan more peach, those with medium skin tone will tan golden and those with deep skin tone will tan caramel.

The best lipstick shades that complement a warm skin undertone are warm colors such as red, brick-red and orange. Our Luxe Organic Lipstick in Spiced Poppy and Red Rose will enliven your complexion and give you a natural beautiful glow. Lipsticks or glosses with copper or gold shimmers will look great on you as well.

Cool Skin Undertone

Women with cool skin undertones will find that they have a pink, red or bluish hue to their skin. Their veins look blue and silver jewelry complements them more than gold options. When they tan, lighter skin tones tan more rosy than golden, medium skin tones tan a deep cinnamon and deeper skin tones tan more reddish.

Lipsticks with blue tones flatter cool skin undertones well. Blue-reds such as cherry red or wine will fit women with cool skin undertones like a glove. Subtle lip shades such as a taupe beige and cool pink nudes also complement cool skin undertones. We recommend our Luxe Organic Lipstick in Pink Hibiscus, Spring Blossom and Pomegranate.

Neutral Skin Undertone

A neutral skin undertone is defined by a mix of pink and yellow hue. Women with neutral skin undertones find both silver and gold jewelry to be complementary and they either burn or tan in the sun.

A wide range of lipstick colors are perfect for neutral undertones. If you have fair skin, lipsticks in light pink hues can give you a rosy healthy glow, while mauve shades will match medium skin tone well, and berry can elevate a deeper skin tone.

While certain lipstick shades may bring out the natural luminosity of your skin better, you are definitely not restricted by your skin undertones. The tips and tricks in this article functions like a set of beauty rules that can help to break a tie between two similar lipstick shades when you are in doubt. They also help to narrow down your options if you are feeling overwhelmed by the numerous options in the lipstick aisle. Color coordinating your lipstick hue with your outfit color is another aspect worth considering as well.

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