The Ultimate Bronzer Guide For Beginners


Bronzing is easier than you think!

The secret to emanating a beautiful summer glow and just-back-from-vacay vibes, a bronzer warms up your skin for a healthy lit-from-within radiance. Having just gotten the hang of foundation, eyeshadow, and lipstick application, makeup beginners may shudder at the thought of learning how to use yet another beauty product. But it really is easier than you think!

What Is A Bronzer?

First things first, a bronzer is not designed to give you a fake tan.

Contrary to popular belief, a bronzer’s purpose is to warm up your natural complexion so you can awaken tired and dull skin to achieve a healthy glow. Many women covet a sun-kissed look all year round and a bronzer helps to deliver just that. “You’re looking to add warmth with bronzer, not color. Bronzer is all about making the skin look healthier,” says makeup artist Hung Vanngo.


Clearing The Air: Bronzing vs Contouring

You may have seen the words “bronzing” and “contouring” being used interchangeably.

In essence, bronzing and contouring mean different things. Contour adds shadows to your face with the use of matte shades darker than your skin tone. It is strategically placed where natural shadows fall such as on the hollows of your cheeks, jawline and sides of your nose. Contouring adds dimension to your face and can alter your face shape by sculpting it.

On the other hand, bronzing is the act of adding warmth to your complexion so it radiates a beautiful glow. Bronzer shades are warmer than contour colors and they are added to high points of your face where the sun would naturally hit. These areas include your cheeks, temples, chin, neck and forehead.

Basic Bronzing Techniques To Help You Get Started

Prep Your Face:  Start with clean and hydrated skin. Use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and dead skin cells that can dull your natural shine, followed by an intense moisturizer to soften and plump up your skin so that your makeup can glide on smoothly without uneven patches.

Next, apply your face makeup as you usually would. Create a flawless canvas with our Organic All Natural Face Primer before applying our Organ & Vegan Bio Glow Foundation to conceal imperfections. Now, you are ready to start bronzing!

Pick The Perfect Bronzer Shade:  Bronzer shade can either make or break your look. You want to look glowingly radiant instead of orange. Pick a bronzer shade that is not more than 2 shades darker than your natural skin so that you do not end up with harsh lines. Consider your skin undertone as well and try to match your bronzer shade with it.

Need a little extra help? Read How To Choose A Bronzer For Your Skin Tone & Undertone to find your bronzer soulmate.

Apply Bronzer In Figure 3 Shape: Applying bronzer in a figure 3 shape is a tried-and-tested technique that even beginners can master. Gently pick up our Organic Face Bronzer using a large fluffy brush and sweep bronzer down one side of your face starting from your hairline. Bring the brush down your temple, to your cheekbone before swirling your brush down to your jawline. Repeat the figure 3 application motion on the other side of your face.

Don’t worry if you accidentally swipe on too much product. Simply clean your brush using a tissue before buffing out the edges to diffuse harsh lines.

Don’t Forget Your Nose, Chin & Neck:  Using leftover bronzer on your fluffy blush, apply a light touch of bronzer on your nose bridge, chin and neck for an all-over sun-kissed radiance. The last thing you want is for your neck to not match your face!

With 6 skin-flattering shades to choose from, our Organic Face Bronzer is bound to deliver a coveted beach-ready glow at any time of the year. Give it a go, it really is easier than you think! 


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